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Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of four officers and 10 directors. Ex officio members include past Alumni Association presidents, the NewYork-Weill Cornell Medical Center Alumni Council president, and two student representatives per class.

Leadership positions are filled through election by Alumni Association members at the biennial business meeting that occurs during Reunion weekend. The next officer election will take place on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Weill Cornell Medical College Alumni Association Board of Directors


Stuart B. Mushlin, MD '73

Natasha I. Leibel, MD '98
Vice President

Joseph Habboushe, MD '07

Kathleen M. Foley, MD '69


James D. Auran, MD '83
Tara F. Bishop, MD '02
Anthony N. LaBruna, MD '90
Richard A. Lynn, MD '71
Shari R. Midoneck, MD '89
Frederick P. Ognibene, MD '79
Susan C. Pannullo, MD '87
Anthony M. Rossi, Jr., MD '08
Edwin P. Su, MD '97
Karen P. Zimmer, MD '98

Ex Officio Senior Advisors

Michael M. Alexiades, MD '83
John J. Caronna MD '65
Lewis M. Drusin, MD '64
Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD '59
Spencer H. Kubo, MD '80
Thomas P. McGovern, MD '74
Paul F. Miskovitz MD '75
Gene D. Resnick, MD '74
Jack Richard, MD '53
Richard T. Silver, MD '53
R. Ernest Sosa, MD '78
Susan C. Stewart MD '66
William T. Stubenbord, MD '62
Hazel H. Szeto, MD '77, PhD '77

New York Weill Cornell Medical Center Alumni Council President

Richard D. Granstein, MD

Student Representatives

Cecilia Nicol, Class of 2018

Colin Ogilvie, Class of 2018

Lee Gottesdiener, Class of 2019

Christina He, Class of 2019

Brady Magaoay, Class of 2020

James Winebrake, Class of 2020

Jesse Novak, Class of 2021

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