Class Leaders

We look forward to record attendance this year, so please feel free to reach out to your class leader(s) to help with encouraging your classmates to attend Reunion 2018!

Please email Rachel Jiminski at or call (646) 962-9560 for your class leaders’ contact information.

65th Reunion
Jack Richard, MD '53
60th Reunion
Kathryn H. Ehlers Gabler, MD '57
John S. Madaras, Jr., MD '57
Michael H. Stone, MD '58
55th Reunion
Paula W. Brill, MD '62
William T. Stubenbord, MD '62
Edward M. Copeland III, MD '63
Jonathan V. Goldstein, MD '63
King K. Holmes, MD '63
50th Reunion
Richard M. Lumiere, MD '67
John H. Shenasky II, MD '67
Jerold B. Graff, MD '68
45th Reunion
Kenneth S. Kelleher, Jr., MD '72
James S. Reilly, MD '72
Stuart B. Mushlin, MD '73
Richard E. Tosi, MD '73
40th Reunion
Michael I. Jacobs, MD '77
Carol L. Storey-Johnson, MD '77
Theresa P. Jackson, MD '78
Nina C. Ramirez, MD '78
35th Reunion
Timothy J. Dowd, MD '82
Laurie A. Letvak, MD '82
James D. Auran, MD '83
30th Reunion
Walter A. Klein, MD '87
Dolores C. Olivarez, MD '87
Susan C. Pannullo, MD '87
Theresa M. Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD '88 
Mark B. Pochapin, MD '88
25th Reunion
Richard A. Fiedotin, MD '92
Eric A. Pollack, MD '92
Geoffrey C. Quinn, MD '92, MS '97
Geetanjali A. Akerkar, MD '93
Mia Talmor, MD '93
20th Reunion
Gary D. Zimmer, MD '97
Peter E. Rockland, MD '98
Jonathan Samuels, MD '99 ('98)
15th Reunion
Ameet Singh, MD '02
James M. Tauras, MD '03
10th Reunion
Katharine Lampen-Sachar, MD '07
Maria G. Master, MD '07
Joshua M. Muyderman, MD '07
Melissa K. Frey, MD '09 ('08)
Anthony M. Rossi, Jr., MD '08
5th Reunion
David J. Phillips, MD '12
Sarah H. Van Tassel, MD '12
Daniel H. Wiznia, MD '12
Hanano Watanabe, MD '13

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