WCGS Alumni Advisory Council

Dear WCGS Alumni,

For the first time in Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences history, we have established an Alumni Advisory Council (AAC), consisting of 15 alumni members representing all degrees granted by the graduate school – Ph.D., M.S. and the Physician Assistant program.  

Our mission is simple: To engage WCGS alumni in a manner mutually beneficial to each of us and to the graduate school, with the ultimate goal of strengthening our alumni community. 

As co-chairs of the AAC, we lead quarterly meetings where we seek input on special events, engagement, fundraising projects and more. Working closely with Dr. Barbara L. Hempstead, dean of WCGS, we keep a pulse on graduate school happenings and offer suggestions for alumni involvement. We specifically address areas in which alumni participation may be helpful, including career development, community building, diversity and inclusion, faculty education and enterprise innovation. 

In collaboration with WCGS faculty and staff, we have created numerous opportunities for all alumni to be involved. A complete list of opportunities will be made available shortly.

As WCGS alumni, we all represent the building blocks of a successful alumni program. It is our participation that will help create a vibrant and thriving alumni community at WCGS. 

On behalf of the Alumni Advisory Council, we thank you for being a part of the WCGS alumni community and we hope you join us and get involved. Please visit the alumni website and feel free to reach out directly to one of us or to alumni director Sharon Meiri Fox at shm2056@med.cornell.edu to learn more. We look forward to strengthening the WCGS alumni community with you. 

In gratitude,

Ting Jia (Ph.D. ’08)
Kate Rochlin (Ph.D. ’14)

Co-Chairs, Alumni Advisory Council


Andrea D. Basso-Porcaro (Ph.D. '03) Merck

Susannah F. Calhoun (Ph.D. '17) - Incendia Therapeutics

R.V. Paul Chan, M.D., (M.S. ’08), M.B.A. University of Illinois College of Medicine

Andrea Cohen, M.B.A ’19, M.S. ’19, M.P.A. - Mayo Clinic

Page Coleman, PA ’16 - The Mount Sinai Hospital

Andrea Craig, PA ’16 - New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Derik de Bruin (Ph.D. '93) - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Kelly Gillen, PhD ’14, M.B.A ’21, M.S. ’21 – Weill Cornell Medicine

Sara B. Glickstein Bar-Zeev, (Ph.D. '00) – Genentech, Inc.

Sam Globus (Ph.D. '13) - Genomenon, Inc.

Ting "TJ" Jia (Ph.D. '08), Octagon Investments Co-Chair

Rebecca Jones (Ph.D. '12) - Imagen Technologies

Michael Kaufmann (Ph.D. '16), M.B.A. ’17 - AbbVie

Dave Lennon (Ph.D. '01) - Aadi Bioscience, Inc.

Jamie McBean (Ph.D. '14) Klick

Meghan Newcomer (P.A. '16) - The Steadman Clinic

Kate Rochlin (Ph.D. '14), Co-Chair IN8Bio

Kathryn "KC” Schierberl (Ph.D. '14) - McCann Health New York

Joel Schrock (Ph.D. '14), M.B.A. ’15 - Pfizer

Soumya N. Sharma, 3rd year Ph.D. PBSB

José Trevejo, M.D. ’02, Ph.D. ’01

Cassie Yuan (Ph.D. '23) - Genentech, Inc.

Bojana Zupan (Ph.D. '09) - Vassar College