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Regional Receptions & Dinners

Each year, the Alumni Association hosts regional receptions and dinners to help keep alumni connected to each other and the Medical College.

If you're interested in helping to plan a regional event in your city, please contact the alumni office:

Upcoming Events


Chicago, IL (April)

Washington, DC (July)

Previous Events


Naples, FL (February)

Palm Beach, FL (February)

Los Angeles, CA (March)

San Francisco, CA (March)

Chapel Hill, NC (March)


Portland, OR (November)

Seattle, WA (November)

Houston, TX (July)


Boston, MA (November)

San Diego, CA (October)

Denver, CO (September)

Providence, RI (June)

Atlanta, GA (May)

Washington, DC (April)

Baltimore, MD (April)

Phoenix, AZ (March)

Stamford, CT (February)

Palm Beach, FL (February)

Office of Alumni Relations 1300 York Avenue, Box 61 New York, NY 10065 Phone: 646-962-9560