Become a Class Leader

Join your fellow dedicated alumni by being a Class Leader and help foster loyalty, advocacy and active involvement among Weill Cornell Medical College alumni! As a Class Leader, you play a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Weill Cornell Medical College, ensuring a bright future while cultivating positive connections between the Medical College and your fellow classmates. 

Your influence is key in inspiring classmates to reconnect, reminisce and actively participate in Reunion. Make your class Reunion memorable, special and well-attended by taking on the rewarding role of a Class Leader. 


Volunteer responsibilities include: 

Class Leader volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Encouraging classmates to attend Reunion through email, phone and/or mail outreach
  • Verifying classmates’ contact information and sharing updates with the Office of Alumni Relations to keep everyone connected 
  • Assembling a “kitchen cabinet” of classmates to assist with outreach, amplifying your impact effortlessly 
  • Participating in periodic Class Leader Zoom meetings leading up to Reunion 
  • Providing valuable feedback on Reunion programming 
  • Encouraging classmates to submit Reunion questionnaires and Class Notes 
  • “Hosting a class dinner or reception in collaboration with the Alumni Relations office 

The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to ensuring that your experience as a Class Leader is enjoyable and well-supported. We provide class contact lists and updates about Reunion, and we organize meetings to share helpful tips and best practices. Class Leaders are proudly recognized for their exceptional leadership and volunteerism in alumni communications and at Reunion events. 

If you’re ready to make a lasting impact and create meaningful connections by becoming a Class Leader, please email the Office of Alumni Relations at 

Office of Alumni Relations 1300 York Avenue, Box 61 New York, NY 10065 Phone: 646-962-9560