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Medical College Alumni News

Statement from the Alumni Association Board of Directors

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Dear Alumni, 
The Weill Cornell Medical College Alumni Association Board of Directors would like to take this moment to affirm the importance of letting science guide our response in the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We believe that in order for the United States to overcome COVID-19, we must comply with public health recommendations. Data-driven and evidence-based measures successfully flattened the curve in New York and elsewhere, preventing untold...

A Virtual Celebration for Match Day 2020

Boy holds Match Day cookie

Video of A Virtual Celebration for Match Day 2020 at Weill Cornell Medicine

National Match Day is a milestone moment for graduating medical students, during which they learn where they will spend the next three to seven years completing their internship and residency training. And while the...

Commentary: Longitudinal Data Should Guide Medical Schools’ Efforts to Reduce Medical Education Costs, Solve Specialty Imbalances

Dean Augustine M.K. Choi announcing Weill Cornell Medicine's new scholarship program

Medical schools evaluating the merits of eliminating tuition, as opposed to pursuing debt-free initiatives, should approach the debate in the same way physicians and scientists engage in medicine: with empirical data, according to new commentary by leaders at Weill Cornell Medicine.

The paper, published online Dec. 31 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, lauds...

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