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Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch (MD '90) inspires patient, Amber Hamilton, to seek medical career

Amber Hamilton, Class of 2022, scrubs in with her long-time physician and mentor Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch (MD ’90)

As chief of the Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch (MD '90) really gets to know his patients and their families. Treatment for their conditions often involves multiple surgeries and follow-up appointments over the course of several years. But his relationship with patient Amber Hamilton, WCM class of 2022, takes on new life as he mentors her through her orthopedic surgery residency.

Hamilton was born with X-...

A Mother’s Mission: Dr. Nicole Serlé Henwood Is Fighting to Find a Cure For Her Son’s Rare Disease

A.J. Henwood with his mom

In many ways, A.J. Henwood is a typical seven-year old. He loves his family, nurtures big dreams of playing professional baseball and has a penchant for bringing home stray animals. Aside from slightly imperfect vision and some occasional pain in his left leg, he has always led an ordinary life—which is why his diagnosis came as such a shock. During an eye exam in March 2018, an...

Dr. Allan Ropper Wins Weill Cornell Medical College Alumni Award

Three people standing, one of whom is holding a plaque

Dr. Allan Ropper, M.D. ’74, the Raymond D. Adams Master Clinician and executive vice chairman of...

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