For information about COVID-19, including symptoms and prevention, please read our COVID-19 patient guide. Please also consider supporting Weill Cornell Medicine’s efforts against the pandemic.

Statement from the Alumni Association Board of Directors

Dear Alumni, 
The Weill Cornell Medical College Alumni Association Board of Directors would like to take this moment to affirm the importance of letting science guide our response in the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We believe that in order for the United States to overcome COVID-19, we must comply with public health recommendations. Data-driven and evidence-based measures successfully flattened the curve in New York and elsewhere, preventing untold hospitalizations and deaths and preventing our health care system from being completely overwhelmed. Yet despite our experience, COVID-19 cases are reaching new highs in many states due to misinformation and anti-science bias. 
As physicians and scientists, we know that there’s ample evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of public health recommendations aimed at slowing the spread of the virus. Many of you are working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19: treating patients, conducting research, developing health policies, educating your communities, and advocating for science-based approaches. The best and most public example of this is our very own Cornell alum, Dr. Anthony Fauci (MD '66), whose steadfastness and unwavering dedication to our nation’s public health has saved countless lives and who we continue to stand behind. 
Thank you for contributing to the global scientific effort to combat COVID-19 and for your commitment to medicine, research and patient care during these challenging times. The road ahead is tough, but we’re confident that, together, the medical community can combat misinformation and prevent human suffering, using science as our guide. 
WCMC Alumni Association Board of Directors
Weill Cornell Medicine
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New York, NY 10065

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